Everyclick enables everyone to access effective and engaging ways to give online to any UK charity. Individuals, businesses, schools and colleges can use Everyclick to fundraise for their favourite charity in the way they want.

For all 200,000 UK charities Everyclick represents an easy way to generate additional income, increase supporter engagement and access innovative online fundraising facilities without any upfront cost.

Funds are generated by Everyclick users in a number of ways; searching, shopping, donation and sponsorship. Where applicable Gift Aid is also collected. Each month Everyclick ensures that funds* are distributed to recipient charities via Charities Trust.

Currently in the UK just 2% of the £8 billion** donated to charity is given online. This compares very poorly with other sectors such as travel, banking and shopping where a significant proportion of transactions have migrated online.

Everyclick is addressing this by providing a one stop shop that enables consumers and charities access to effective and engaging ways to give online.

We have set up Balgowan Primary School as a listed charity on everyclick. By signing up and choosing us as your charity, every search you make will donate cash to the school. It’s free, so sign up now!