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Everyone’s a Winner!

The Balgowan PTA Lottery is open to all parents, grandparents, carers and friends of Balgowan School, the lottery raises much needed funds for the School and gives members the chance to win cash prizes for themselves!

Previously known as the 200 Club, after the 200 people who originally joined, the Balgowan PTA Lottery has helped pay for thousands of pounds worth of equipment for the children over the years.  Most recently, this has included:

  • A complete set of steel drums – enough to start up a steel band!
  • A playground-full of painted markings on the infant playground floor
  • A room equipped with enough computers for every class member, teacher and teaching assistant
  • A wide range of books for the new library
  • A set of digital cameras, one for each of the teachers
  • climbing frame in each of the playgrounds

The Balgowan PTA Lottery is one of the simplest ways to support the children at Balgowan School.  For just £8 per term or £24 per year, you will be helping to fund some of the extra treats that make Balgowan pupil’s time at school even more special.  Here’s how it works:

  • Lottery members pay either £24 to join for the whole year, or £8 to join for a term
  • Half the money goes immediately into the PTA fund to be spent on new equipment for the children
  • The other half is entered into a prize money ‘pot’
  • A prize draw takes place at the Christmas and Summer fairs and at another PTA event in the Spring term
  • Winner’s names are published in the PTA magazine and on the School’s website
  • The last draw saw a first prize of a £100, second prize £50 and third prize £35 awarded.

More members in the PTA lottery would mean that the prize fund and the amount donated to the school would increase, .

To give you an idea, 75 members would generate £900 for the PTA per annum, with three prize draws per year and prizes of £150 1st, £100 2nd & £50 3rd each draw. 200 members would more than double that.

So what are you waiting for? For a chance to win, and the opportunity to donate valuable funds to the School, please join up now! Pick up a form from the school office  or download one of the following forms:


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You can also use the contact form below to send your details to the PTA if you set up a standing order using your online banking.

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