Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs

The school offers an exceptionally wide variety of extra-curricular activities which take place before school, at lunchtimes and after school.  Some of these are seasonal.  Up to date information is included in newsletters.  Forms to join the different clubs can be found here on the website and in the reception area at the school.

Extra-curricular clubs and activities include: Choirs, recorder group, flute group, string group, steel pans band, football, dance, cross country, gymnastics clubs, martial arts, art, gardening, chess and drama clubs.  Before and After school childcare is provided by Chucklebox.

Pupils may also join the ECO Schools club.

Should your child wish to join a club please contact the club leader (details can be found in the documents below or on the enquiries page) and return your completed form to the school office.

Please refer to the timetable for timing information or download the document below.