Temporary additional reception class

Balgowan has decided to include a temporary additional reception class in the school year of 2013/2014. The reason behind this decision is both a financial one, and one that reflects the increasing demand for places at the school.

Reasons were laid out in letters on 13th February and 25th February.

implementation timetable

implementation timetable

In the year leading up to the additional reception class, the school will be testing the proposed smarter timetabling through ‘mock simulation scenarios‘. This will allow the staff to identify any areas that may need reviewing or further work. This further level of detail will also help to reassure parents/carers. You can see the implementation timetable here.

The implementation page will be updated throughout the year as we adapt and develop it, and also link to further explanations and details of various aspects of the implementation and how they will run.


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Fund Raising (5/2/2013) - We had a very positive Parents’ Forum meeting last week on fund raising for the school. Thank you very much to the 50 parents who attended. Many good ideas were shared that should benefit the school and the PTA. A summary of the meeting can be found in the Parents' Forum section of Downloads. At the meeting it was emphasised that the school is looking for sustainable additional income. Read the full article for some of the fundraising ideas
Bulge class update (3/12/2013) - Since we announced our decision to add an additional reception class for 2013/2014, many parents/carers have been in touch to express their views. As governors, we felt it was important to listen to all points of view and therefore agreed to meet and discuss these.

Whilst we continue to believe that admitting an additional class is still the correct decision, we have decided that we should defer the additional class until September 2014.


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