Concerns and complaints

Complaints Procedure

The school values highly its partnership with Parents and where a constructive relationship between the home and the school exists, the child is the main beneficiary and this aids his/her educational progress. There are occasions when parents do have concerns about their child’s schooling and the vast majority of these problems are dealt with amiably and constructively by the child’s classteacher, AHT, Deputy Head or  by the Headteacher.

Very occasionally, a parent’s concerns cannot be sorted out informally in this way and therefore it may be necessary for them to be resolved through the formal complaints procedure adopted by the Governing Board that is responsible for handling complaints other than those relating to admissions/exclusions and SEN for which there are statutory procedures. A copy of our complaints policy is available throught he school office and is downloadable from this website from the Downloads tab in the School policies folder.

Pupil’s Concerns

happy smiliing girls
Safeguarding the welfare of all our pupils is at the heart of everything that we do at Balgowan and their happiness is of great concern. We therefore encourage and expect them to discuss any aspects of school life which worries them and to share with us any injustice (real or imagined) which they have experienced or felt. The Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher, AHT, Classteachers, Teaching Assistants, Lunchtime Co-ordinator and Lunchtime Supervisors, the Caretakers and all staff at the school, all play their part in helping pupils to resolve difficulties and to manage matters of a personal and social nature.

The school provides further opportunities within which pupils are encouraged to express their feelings and raise issues of concern including through our School Council for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils.

Circle Time – A regular class opportunity for all pupils to share issues relating to aspects within the personal, social education and citizenship curriculum is a very important regular  feature for every child. Such opportunities are held in high regard by the school and are so important in enabling us to maintain high standards and secure the happiness of every individual child.