School Uniform

We appreciate the support and encouragement given by parents to the wearing of school uniform. The school uniform is composed of common sense items of clothing, that are both practical and smart and also easily obtained from:
The National Schoolwear Centre, Bromley Branch
51 High Street
Kent BR1 1LE
Tel No: 020 8460 0032

When you buy from the Schoolwear Centre, Balgowan will receive 5% on all uniform that is purchased through their shop or website, so you will be directly helping the school.

The PTA also runs the “Really Useful Uniform Store” which collects and resells secondhand uniform, tunics, skirts, trousers, gym kit, etc.

Boys:- White or navy shirt/polo shirt, grey trousers or shorts and the Balgowan sweatshirt

Girls:- White or navy blouse/polo shirt, grey skirt/trousers/tunic and the Balgowan sweatshirt/cardigan. In summer girls can wear a pale blue and white checked school dress.

All items of uniform should be clearly be marked. Hats, gloves, coats, scarves, bags, lunch boxes, drinks container, vest, and socks also require marking with your child’s name.

School shoes, with sensible heals (not trainers please) black in colour. Boots may be worn to and from school in the winter, but children must change into their school shoes for lessons.

PE kit which comprises of shorts, a T-shirt or leotard in any combination of plain navy or plain white, and plimsolls. PE Bags and track-suit tops and bottoms with Balgowan logo are also now available to order.

In light of the increased emphasis on outdoor play for the children in Reception, Children are allowed to wear plain navy tracksuit trousers during the school day during the colder weather. This does not affect the children’s footwear – they will still need to wear sensible black shoes, not trainers.

Jewellery and make-up
We also ask that jewellery (includes novelty bands) and make-up and nail varnish are not worn in school. For safety reasons, pupils with pierced ears must only wear studs and these must be removed before PE and swimming lessons. If your child is unable to remove their own ear studs, they should be removed at home before they come to school on the days they have P.E.

Hair styles

Hair styles should be kept simple with no extremes please and this includes the wearing of large ostentatious hair bands! We ask you not to allow your children to dye their hair or to have designs cut into short hair such as lines, zig-zags, numbers, etc.

We would ask that parents supply their child(ren) with an appropriate sized bag to transport their P.E. kit to and from school. Our cloakroom space, throughout the school, is extremely limited and in the interests of the health and safety of everyone who uses those areas, we would ask that overlarge bags are not brought into the building. Drawstring bags are ideal. The school will contact parents of those children who regularly appear not to have their PE kit available on the days of their PE lessons.