National Quiz Club Mathematics

National Quiz Club Mathematics Semi Finals: THESE GIRLS CAN!
By Eleanor S, Sophie, Isabella & Anusha (Year 6)
Being one of the highest scoring ‘non-winners’, we were invited to the semi-finals at Dulwich College (in the Great Hall – Harry Potter fans will know this place well…!) on Monday 26th July. We were better prepared and ready to tackle the mind-bending questions as we knew what to expect this time. We were the only all girls team and one of two state schools (all the rest being made up of private and prep schools – including Dulwich College themselves!). By the end of the Mental Arithmetic round we were in the lead, and as the second round came to a close we finished in first place, with a total of 2025 points (out of a maximum of 2400).
This means that we are going to compete in the finals in Oxford Town Hall on 3rd July where we will become one of the top 12 teams in the entire nation! Please keep an eye out for our result!
We would like to thank all our supportive friends and family for helping us reach where we are now….and thank you especially to Mr Slater who organised this whole adventure! We are looking forward to more maths and competition! ?