Being a Balgowan Buddy

I really enjoy the responsibility of being a Balgowan Buddy because I have the opportunity to guide and support younger children at school. To be selected for the job, I applied by completing a poster which explained why I would make a great Balgowan Buddy. Our job description is:

  • Be a role model for the younger children and set a good example by displaying the school values and following the golden rules at all times.
  • Have a warm, welcoming and cheerful approach.
  • Teach the children new games and sometimes invent your own ones.
  • Help resolve any small problems or disagreements. Refer bigger problems to the mid-day supervisors.
  • Encourage and include lonely, shy or needy pupils.
  • Manage the lunchtime equipment. (pumping balls, checking all the equipment comes back, reporting damaged equipment etc.)
  • Be prepared to give up a couple of lunchtimes a week to help out.
  • Have Fun!

By Tom Williams 6CR