Balgowan Girls’ Football Victory

Spring League Game 1 – Victory against Claire House!

On a cold and rainy Friday, the Balgowan girls’ football team arrived at Claire House to play on their brand-new astro pitches (so jealous!). However, the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits. Minutes into the game, Emily Taylor scored from outside the box so we were 1-0 up. Balgowan had most of the possession, passing and dribbling quickly and precisely. It wasn’t long until Florence Monks scored another goal in quick succession, leaving us 2-0 up. The other team put up some good defence, with several headers to clear the ball. After some close misses from Zara Driscoll, Emily scored again – taking the score to 3-0 for half time.

Claire House came back strong in the second half, scoring a goal. Not to be disheartened, Bryony Hart smashed it into the top of the goal. Unfortunately, the referee disallowed it, claiming it hadn’t gone over the goal line. Not that this put Bryony off! With renewed vigour, Bryony shot at the goal again, the goalie saved it and the ball rebounded. Standing next to her in the box, Florence flicked it in the goal on the volley. The score was now 4-1. After more goal chances from Florence, Bryony and Zara, Bryony scored a well-deserved goal, taking the final score up to 5-1. All in all, a fantastic victory for Balgowan and a great start to their Spring title campaign.

By Florence Monks