Balgowan Ship of Values

Thank you to all of the children who entered their drawings; we were literally awash with competition entries!  The judging of the drawings was a difficult job as the children’s work was of such a high standard but eventually a panel of school staff and Governors managed to select the final winners. Congratulations to the following children with their winning designs:

catThis is Lovely, Balgowan ship’s cat. She is happy, positive and offers love and friendship to everyone. Eva Winter-Davies (Reception)
deckhandThis is Dex the Deckhand. She is an extremely hard-worker who always strives for excellence and co-operates with the other members of the crew. Dex is kind and thoughtful, always making sure that things are kept ship-shape and in tip-top condition!? Children like Dex demonstrate excellent behaviour and work well with others. Estelle Berbeck (Year 5)
captainHere is the Captain. He is courageous and full of hope for the future, steering the Balgowan ship on to safe, calm waters. He is generous to his crew and believes in freedom of speech, listening to those around him.?Children like the Captain use their initiative to make our school and the wider world a better place to live in. Oneli De Silva (Year 6)
bosunThis is Bella the Bosun. She is polite and always shows respect for others and the environment. Bella is polite, patient and selfless; often putting others before herself. She demonstrates honesty and appreciation of others on a regular basis. Children like Bella appreciate the differences between people and realise that everyone is just as important as each other. In disagreement situations, they are able to listen and to make sensible decisions to resolve things. Millie Brown (Year 2)

first-mate first-mate-2

Here are Freddie and Frank the First Officers. They demonstrate empathy, caring for others and the wider world around them. They are trustworthy and resilient, never giving up when faced with difficulties. Children like Freddie and Frank are responsible and self-motivated. They strive towards peace and unity and their actions demonstrate that they care for others around them and within the wider world. Maxwell Slight and Bentum Edu Ansah (Year 2)
Keep a look out for the new characters who will join our Balgowan Ship of Values shortly after May Half Term (they will appear on the display in the school entrance; on the school website and also on a range of new pupil certificates.)

Runners up

There were many excellent submissions, and choosing winners was very difficult. Here are some of the other entries that were shortlisted.