Book Week 2015

Our 2015 Balgowan Book Week was extremely successful and most enjoyable. Leigh Hobbs thrilled the younger children with his illustrations and each child enjoyed learning how to draw characters from his books. He told the children about wanting to be an artist from a very young age and explained how he had become a children’s author and illustrator. The after-school book signing in hall proved very popular.

Tony Bradman, who lives in Beckenham, worked with Key Stage 2 children. He told the children “I discovered books and stories when I was at primary school, and soon became the kind of person who reads all the time! I dimly remember liking the Thomas the Tank Engine books when I was very young, but it was J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit that really got me hooked. A great teacher called Mr Smith read it to my class, and it wasn’t long before I sought out The Lord of the Rings. I borrowed the trilogy from the library, a place I spent many happy hours in”.

He read extracts from some of his books and inspired the children with his use of language to build suspense. His books were so popular during the book signing that most quickly sold out!