Book Week

At Balgowan, we celebrated book week by studying a painting called St George and the dragon by Paolo Uccello. We did a range of fun activities from writing to art. Some year groups modelled their art on the well-known legend of St George, while others used it as inspiration for their writing. Some of the Year 5 classes made models of dragon eyes out of clay. They used different objects to make texture on their dragon’s skin. Some other Year groups displayed their work outside the hall. Year 2 made collage dragons and wrote diary entries about the dragon while Year 6 drew pictures of dragons on plain paper. In an assembly, all years were asked to write their own legends and they would pick a winner from each class to go to dragon golf. In another assembly, some of the members of staff dressed up as characters from St George and the dragon. They asked the children to contribute words and phrases to help write a spectacular story. At playtime, the teachers placed a sheet of paper with a picture of one of the scenes in the legend and asked pupils to describe the scene and write it down. The next day, at drop off, the teachers asked parents to also write down any describing