Business Enterprise Gala day – 2nd July

Our Business Gala day’s success exceeded all expectations. The total profit made by all classes from Reception to Year 5 was £3,004.16. The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and have a much better understanding of how to run a small business. The products and services on sale ranged from jewellery, greetings cards, tattoos, decorated pebbles to cup cakes, sweets, pizzas, the Butterfly café and bowling. A tremendous thank you to everyone (staff, pupils, business mentors and parent helpers) for all their hard work. Year 6 pupils did a fantastic job assisting younger children on their stalls and helping with the general organisation of the day.

Each class was presented with a special certificate/signed photo of Lord Sugar in last Friday’s assemblies. Congratulations to 3DS who made the most profit with their World Cup football-themed products. Miss Stevenson’s pupils now have the task of deciding how they will spend their profit! All other classes will spend 25% of their profit on wet play toys/resources, which they will have in their new class next term. We are also making a donation to a local charity. This still leaves us with £1,875 to spend for the benefit of all pupils at Balgowan. Part of our evaluation of the project includes suggestions from children and staff on how to use this money. We will let you know what has been decided next term.