Easter Fun Day

On Monday, year 6 went to the field for an Easter Fun-Day. There were 4 different activities that were all Easter themed.

Firstly, we went to the fire circle with Mrs Cleveland.  We got an Easter marshmallow which we then toasted on the hot fire pit.  We then had a competition with the person next to us to see who could make the most sparks, in a row, using the new dragon fire starter kits (flint and steel). Some children tried to make the biggest spark! Even the parents joined in!

We then moved on to the egg and spoon race area. We were allowed to practise first but then it was straight into competition time! This was no ordinary egg and spoon race though, we had to do it blindfolded! We worked in pairs, one was blind folded, one was guiding. The parents and teachers also had a blindfolded race…It was a dead on draw between Miss Graves and Mrs Hillier!

Next we had the Easter egg hunt. Instead of eggs; corks! The first round was a straight forward race to get as many corks as we could to fill our jar. The second round was to go on all fours and crawl (this was hard work!) for the corks and the final round we could only get one at a time!

Finally, we had a huge task of creating a ‘great egg run’ (but we used a marble!). We got to use all sorts of supplies that were at the field (pipes, tyres, wood, tubing, dustbins, crates). We had 15 minutes to work as a team and build our run. Then we got to test and finally we had the ‘race’! All runs were ready and we released them all at the same time! It was great fun!

It was a great afternoon of Easter fun….and shh don’t tell anyone but we even had a visit from the super Easter Bunny!  Flo and Sandy – year 6