Football Tournament

On Wednesday 12th May, our school took two Girls Football teams to our first ever tournament! In our Balgowan teams there was a mix of year 4 and year 5 girls. From year 5 we had: Leila, Grace, Hannah, Orla, Sophia, Josephine, Elodie and Momo. From year 4 we had: Daisy, Katy, Han O, Flo, Ruth, Jasmine, Jessica, Beau and Emily.

For our first ever tournament, we did brilliantly! We got into the semi final and only lost 1-0, the game was so close! All the other schools were amazed we were only year 4 and 5 as many of their teams were all year 6! We all had loads of fun playing and we really hope we can keep getting better and better and go to another tournament/match very soon!

By Leila and Grace  – Year 5