Fund Raising

We had a very positive Parents’ Forum meeting last week on fund raising for the school. Thank you very much to the 50 parents who attended.  Many good ideas were shared that should benefit the school and the PTA. A summary of the meeting can be found in the Parents’ Forum section of Downloads. At the meeting it was emphasised that the school is looking for sustainable additional income.  Below are some of the fund raising ideas suggested by parents:-


  1. Voluntary parental contributions
  2. Sponsorship from business
  3. Extend lettings of the school premises and school field
  4. Revenue sharing schemes with business
  5. Energy saving through low energy lighting, solar panels etc..
  6. Introduce an electronic payment system for parents which would make it easier for parents to pay for trips, school dinners etc.

We are very keen to hear from parents who did not attend the Parents Forum. So if you did not attend and have an idea or ideas for fund raising, please email the school on The more detail you can let us have the better. Senior staff and governors will consider all your ideas/suggestions. If any parents can provide sponsorship contacts please would they get in touch with the school.