Internet Safety Meeting for Y5/6 Parents/Carers

We sent out a letter to parents/carers this week on behalf of Bromley’s Youth Policing Team regarding a meeting on internet safety.  In the past we have had talks in school on this subject to our KS2 children by Bromley Police, but unfortunately this resource is no longer available to us. 

We therefore urge parents/carers to attend the Youth Policing Team’s meetings which will be held at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley High Street at 1pm, 4pm and 6pm on Tuesday 11thFebruary, when they will host presentations on internet safety.  The presentations will be aimed at parents/carers to raise awareness of the potential dangers online.  Each session will run for an hour including questions and answers.  Please note that pre-school children cannot be accommodated due to space restrictions.

Parents play a vital role in the e-safety education of their children through promoting safe use of technology at home, however many parents are not aware of what they should be telling their children about staying safe online.   A key message is that children under the age of 13 should not be using Facebook.  Due to the problems that have arisen with children using Facebook (e.g. online bullying, adults posing as children etc..), can we remind parents/carers, for your child’s safety, that no children under the age of 13 should be using Facebook.

We hope parents/carers will consider attending one of the meetings – you can register for the event by clicking on the link