LYG Tri Golf

Having won the Bromley qualifier we were able to represent Bromley at the London Youth Games for the 2nd year running.

The team were in great spirits from the get go and during the opening ceremony two of our own (Isabella and Connor) were chosen to go on stage and give the competitors pledge! Both Isabella and Connor spoke beautifully and were a credit to Balgowan and Bromley.

Once that was finished it was off to the event and of the potential 33 London boroughs, 28 were represented.

Overall a Trigolf challenge consists of 8 different activities for both chipping and putting and each challenge gains points for the team. You are permitted a 2 minute practice prior to your 5 minute game. During this 2 minute practice session we often talk tactics and on this day it wasn’t any different.

On one particular game I advised all of the team to hit the ball harder than normal so that the ball will rebound off the wall beyond and would therefore come back quicker allowing us to have more turns. Now of course every team seems to have a joker and on this particular day it seemed to be Connor. Upon hearing me advice Connor must’ve thought to himself “now I can hit this ball really hard”, well of course that is exactly what he did flying the rubber ball up and over the huge wall and no doubt ending up in the Gymnastics centre with the other Balgowan team representing Bromley that day! Fortunately this happened during the practice and allowed us time to change the plan again.

The entire team did fabulously all morning and played extremely well throughout and finished a creditable 5th. I just say I did feel they were a little unlucky not to finish higher than this but a good result all the same.

Well done to all the team, Ellie, Ethan, Scarlett, Freddie, Ella, Oliver, Jess, Connor, Isabella & Max.

Coach Jeeves