Mathematics Heat Champions

On Wednesday 8th May 2019, the Balgowan team (made up of Donny A, Arthur G, Lewis O and Isaac P) went to Tubbenden Primary School for the Quiz Club Mathematics Competition. The competition consisted of ten teams.

The first twenty questions were mental maths. For the other fifteen questions we were allowed pencil and paper (which were considerably harder). For each question we were allowed 60 seconds to work it out – sound easy? Try solving one of the questions we were asked in one minute:

What is: 642 – ?

Get it? We did! After the first twenty questions, Balgowan was in joint first with West Lodge after getting all the questions right for a total of 1200 points. The second round was much harder, and we definitely benefited from Donny questioning another persons answer and getting it correct. On the last question (worth 25 points each), we were winning by 85 points and decided to play safe and all go for different answers. This guaranteed us the victory (which was just as well because West Lodge got 100 points!). We were crowned CHAMPIONS and look forward to the National Semi-Final. Oh, and the answer for the question above was 499!

By Arthur G (6CR), Isaac P (6AS), Lewis O (6CR), Donny A (5AC).