Meet the Headteacher

Following our two parent forum sessions to meet Mr Harvey, we invite  you to submit comments on Communication and Curriculum by email to the office by Thursday morning. In particular, the questions asked in the presentation:


  1. What type works for you? Parentmail/texts/hard copy?
  2. In what area would you like to receive more information?
  3. More progress reports from teachers?
  4. Purpose and format of Parent Forums?
  5. Can you help us voluntarily with a communication strategy and support?


  1. Do you feel you know enough about the different areas of the curriculum?
  2. What subjects would you like the school to consider introducing/extending provision?
  3. Are there extra-curricular clubs that you would like the school to explore?
  4. Specialist teachers?
  5. Can you help us creating links with business to support real-life experiences?


For more information please download the powerpoint document presentation.