Our amazing day!

On the 19th of September Year 6 travelled to London to the British Museum. Our History topic this term is ancient Egypt so we travelled back in time to the Egyptian part of the museum. Here we saw the Rosetta stone, the statues of Rameses II and mummies with their coffins.

The Rosetta stone was the first available way to translate hieroglyphics from ancient Greek so it was a very important discovery for the archaeologists (History studiers).

We also saw coffins and an almost perfectly preserved man who still had his hair – he was creepy but he showed how good sand was for preserving bodies (he was five thousand years old). We also saw an interactive touchscreen that allowed us to see how Ginger (the preserved man) had died – from a stab wound in the shoulder. We progressed through the museum quickly and saw giant scarab beetles as well as coffins. Although it was interesting it couldn’t last for ever and at three o’clock we left for school. We came back late but it was worth it. The British Museum is fun!   By Oscar 6WJ