Science Quiz

At the beginning of March, Max, Leni, Praise and I went to the Science Quiz Club finals in Oxford. We went on the train with Mrs Parke to the Museum of Natural History. When we arrived, we got biscuits and a drink before we began. The questions were harder than in the heats however we were in the lead for most of the time. After the first round, which contained 30 questions, we were in second place. During the second round, which was only 10 questions but worth a lot of points, we dropped into 3rd place. At the end we were in 3rd place of all primary schools nationally (which is a massive achievement) and we were extremely proud that we had done so well. Overall, we had an amazing day and we enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you to Miss Robinson for organising it and to Mrs Parke for taking us. Nancy 6WJ