Science Week—Fossil Workshop

On Thursday the 21st of March as part of us celebrating science week year 6 took part in a fossil workshop. A man by the name of Jules came and introduced himself. He had a simulation on the board and Jules soon ran us through what he would be doing in that session.
Jules told us that he would split us up into our table groups and get us to study things he had put in the various boxes positioned around the hall. We soon got going and found many interesting things: ancient shells; Shoulder bones; old poo and shells of snails were amongst some of the many things hidden within the numerous boxes. After everyone had a look in each one, we were sat back down to discuss what we had found.
We looked on the simulation Jules had set up and we found out that over time, every mammal’s bones were just stretched to make a new animal. For example, the small creatures that survived the asteroid hitting earth evolved into large mammoths (they soon became extinct).
It was a fantastic day and one that we certainly won’t forget in a hurry. ? Robert 6CR