During Road Safety week, some Year 3 children took part in scooter training delivered by the Borough of Bromley.

In Scootsure we were learning how to be safe on scooters and learning some new skills.

How to be safe:

  • Before you scoot, always look behind you.
  • Wear bright clothes and always wear suitable clothes for the weather.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Always look before you cross the road.
  • Check your scooter is in good condition before you ride it.

What we did

First, we checked our scooters to see if they were good to ride. We learnt how to turn a corner without putting the brakes on. Then we followed Sarah (the teacher) on our scooters and went round curved corners.

At the end, Joe (our other teacher) was pretending to be a car and we had to stop if the car was moving and we had to wait until it had gone.

We knew if the car was on by looking to see if the lights were on.

We had a great time, it was fun and I learnt a lot.

By Alice and Jasmine G