Bromley Schools Sports Hall Athletics Competition

On Thursday 22nd January 2015, Balgowan took 16 children to compete in the Bromley Sports Hall Athletics Competition at Langley Boys School. The events included: 2×1 relay, 2×2 relay, 4×1 relay, ‘parlauf’relay, obstacle relay, vertical jump, standing long jump, speed bounce and chest push.

All our athletes competed in a minimum of two events and did exceptionally well. Balgowan really stood out in two specific events – the speed bounce and parlauf relay. We topped the speed bounce in both the boys and girls competitions; all six children scoring over 50 in 20 seconds – none of the scorers could believe it! Both the boys and girls also dominated the parlauf relay – setting extremely quick times with the middle distance runners coming up trumps. We were extremely competitive in the other events and finished in the top 10 throughout.

This is a competition that is notoriously difficult with all the different aspects to it. Balgowan achieved 5th place overall out of approximately 20 schools – a fantastic achievement. Well done to all the children involved!


Boys: Sam Cordingley, Danny Loveridge, Toby Olorenshaw, Vince Osborne, Tyger Parry-Dean, Tom Penlington, Max Tunon & Ben Young

Girls: Renee Bel-Momodu, Heidi Forsyth, Ella Hooper, Leanna Jackson, Tiannah Mitchell, Macey Pattenden, Olivia Tookey & Katie Steele