The Choir at the O2

On Wednesday 30th January 75 children from Years 5 and 6 choir performed at the 02 in the Young Voices concert series. This was the third time Balgowan was involved and Mrs. Brook was very proud of the children. Thank you to all the staff who accompanied and made it possible for so many to be involved.

This is what the children said:

  • I had a lovely day. My favourite bit was when Connie Talbot and Randolf Matthews came on stage. Best concert in the world!
  • The 02 was fantastic! Magic was in the air. I would definitely recommend singing in the choir.
  • It was magical and breathtaking.
  • The 02 experience was absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend it.
  • It was epic, I enjoyed the African choir!!
  • It was an amazing experience. It felt like magic!
  • I loved it!!!
  • My favourite bit was when Connie Talbot sang, she’s AMAZING!

Here are some more photographs from the day: