Thumbs-up for school meals this term!

Our new catering contractor Harrisons has got off to a flying start this term and the kitchen staff are providing high quality school lunches.  Their meals are prepared in the school kitchen from fresh ingredients and are really tasty and appetizing. Harrisons are providing a quality dining experience for the children. The airline style trays have been replaced by china plates and bowls and the institutional tables with attached seats have been replaced with tables and chairs. There have been so many really positive comments from the children and school staff and these include:-


I have a lunch every day now as they are so good. (teacher)

I like it that the meals are very tasty and made from fresh ingredients. (teacher)

The food is tastier and better cooked. (KS 1 pupil)

I think that the school dinners this year are very good. The food is high quality and a lot more healthy. (KS 2 pupil)

I really like the new school dinners. They are a lot yummier and we are given bigger portions so I’m always full in the afternoon.  (KS 2 pupil)

Having plates is better and now our drinks don’t spill over our food.(KS 1 pupil)

I like the seats more and they are more comfortable.(KS 1 pupil)