World War II Day

We came to school dressed up as evacuees ready for WWII day, everybody was really excited!!!

Firstly, we did Make Do And Mend and in it we did bunting, we sewed using patterns and fabric such as felt (people did crowns and flags) and we used beads and bows to decorate our masterpieces. When we came in from play, we made postcards as if we were an evacuee from the country side/seaside. We were told by Miss Willis that we needed to keep it as positive as possible so our parents wouldn’t worry about us. After lunch we all changed our shoes and set off to the field. Discovery and Endeavour started by lighting a fire using flint and seal.  We put petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on cotton wool to then cast a spark onto the cotton wool and we had to feed it with sticks to keep it going for as long as possible. Victory and Mayflower did den building first ,  and their aim was to create a blackout den so when the Air Raid Patrol came they couldn’t see any light through the dens we created.

Since we finished early , we played games with the parachute such as ‘run through if you’re in Discovery’. Then we got a surprise! The Easter bunny came!   When we got back, Miss Willis said the Easter bunny came and we got a chocolate Easter egg each!

Everybody really enjoyed the day.  Eloise & Taylor 5CW