Y5 Docklands Museum Trip

On Wednesday 20th of March 2019, me and my class mates went on a trip to the London Docklands Museum because we are studying World War 2.
We got on a train from Clock House at 09:30, 5 stops to Lewisham then we went on the D.L.R, a self-driving train. We were put in groups. My group was me, Tom, James, Oscar and Rylie.
When we arrived at the museum we met someone called Charlie who told us some rules like no food in the gallery. Then we watched a video about the docks in World War 2. (Black Saturday 18th September 1940, after the phoney war). There were two models of different air aids shelters. One was called the consul shelter for police, it was small and would have heated up quick because it was made from a thin layer of metal and there was a tiny breathing hole. Also there was a normal shelter. Then we did a quiz. After lunch (mine was a sausage roll and pot of Pringles, yum) we went outside to sketch what we thought the docks would have looked like when it was a working dock. There were two old cranes that would lift the crates of huge boats.
My favourite part was the sketching and my second favourite was lunch because I love eating food!!
We all had a great day.
Reuben 5CO