Year 6 Elite Steel Pans

I attend Year 6 Elite Steel Pans . It is a great thing to do! It gives you a chance to use a percussion instrument that you wouldn’t normally come across to play. When you start you will play some basic tunes, just so you can get comfortable. Once you have done some of the simpler tunes you start to do more challenging tunes. This makes it really fun.; when you see all the notes , you may panic. However when you start playing it all becomes less difficult. After you have played a few songs you get to change your pan if you would like. This rota will run throughout you committing to Steel Pans. You will get to perform your music at our Spring Music Concert, our Summer Concert and possibly other events.


So when you are in year 6, I strongly advise that you should join it! The music is loud and fun but can also be quiet and calm. The sounds of streel pans can vary. It definitely is not like other music that you usually hear. There are 2 groups of steel pans on 2 days—Group A ad Group B. There is a waiting list that Ms Rochester will put you on— so don’t worry you wont miss out! Usually it is on in the morning, but it is fine because it is not too early.   This group is great fun, because you make new friends, play music and you have the best music teacher—MS ROCHESTER!