Year 6 trip to The Keeping Gallery

On the 15th January, year 6 visited The Keeping Gallery which is close to Shortlands train station. This Gallery is the real home of the late Charles Keeping, one of the most famous illustrators of the 20th century. He has drawn the illustrations for many books including: The Highwayman, The Lady of Shallot, Black Beauty and many more.
We met Pam Smythe there (she is a specialist Art teacher in Bromley) and she taught us how to draw in the style of Charles Keeping. We used ink pens and cartridge paper and made our very own Keeping Books (where we kept all of the artwork which we drew during the visit). We also experimented by drawing animals and images from the Highwayman. Pam taught us some quick and esay ways to draw effectively by sketching guide lines.
Pam also gave us a tour of the house. We explored many areas including: a room displaying the original images from Beowulf and The Highwayman; a room with all the scary pictures from Charles Keeping’s career; a room where Renate Meyer (Charles’s wife) had told the story of her life by sewing pieces of artwork and a room which showed lifelike models of food such as cakes and apples.
We even got to meet Charles Keeping’s daughter and were able to ask her about her father. She gave us a lot of information about her parents.
After looking around the Gallery in the morning, Pam came to school in the afternoon and taught us more about Charles Keeping’s style of drawing. We drew some figures in Victorian clothing (full body drawings) and designed a piece of clothing.
Year 6 had so much fun at The Keeping Gallery and we would love to visit again!

By Melina & Matin in 6WJ.