Young Voices Concert at the O2

Young Voices Concert at the 02: On Wednesday 18th January a group of 133 children from Years 5 and 6 travelled to the O2 Arena for the Young Voices concert.  After months of practising, the children finally got the opportunity to be part of a massed choir of nearly 8000 children. The children performed a wide variety of songs, ranging from African part singing to folk songs of the British Isles to the children’s favourite Pop medley. An afternoon rehearsal was followed by an evening concert to a packed Arena of parents and carers, who were dazzled by the singing and dancing of the choir. The choir’s items were supplemented by performances by Tabby O’Callaghan, Natalie Williams, The Beatbox Collective and the Urban Strides dancers.


This was truly an incredible experience for all involved, one which will live long in the memories of the children. All the children were a credit to Balgowan. They were enthusiastic and excellently behaved, right up to our 11pm return to school.  Many thanks to the eighteen members of staff who gave up their evening in order to accompany the children (plus several others who worked wonders behind the scenes), and also to the PTA whose kind subsidising of the coach travel costs meant that all children could take part in the concert without having to pay for the privilege.