The quality and range of curricular music within the school is enhanced through the work of the visiting peripatetic teachers from the Bromley Youth Music Trust and the extra-curricular activities provided for the school’s choirs and instrumental music groups by our own music teachers.  Balgowan choirs and bands have performed at the Bromley Schools Prom staged at the Fairfield Hall, Croydon as well as at other venues in Bromley and beyond.

There is a wide variety of musical groups available at different times to the pupils of Balgowan, and have included choirs, the elite steel pan bands, the string group, the accordian group, woodwind groups, orchestra and the school of rock.

Recent Music News

Music News for March (4/1/2015) - Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Fun! The children in Year 4 staged an extremely successful production of Treasure Island in the last week of the Spring term. They worked very hard to learn their lines (including pirate accents), song words and dances and looked superb in their costumes. Performances played to a full house, and comments from the audience included: “Theatrical event of the year!” “Amazing, everyone gave 100%, loved every moment” “Really well done everyone! They all looked like they had a great time!” Music Café Well done to all the children who performed in the Music Café – what a talented bunch you are! Thank you to parents/carers for supporting this new venture. A special thank you goes to Mrs Cameron for baking all the
Music update for June (7/9/2014) - Y2 Show: Well done to all the children in Year 2 who gave a wonderful performance of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” this week. They really showed their acting skills and sang to a very high standard. The show was enjoyed by all. Y5 Music Recitals: Last week Year 5 gave three musical recitals to their parents and carers. This was an opportunity for the children to show their talent. Every child sang in the choir and played the steel pans. Some children also played or sang by themselves. The children performed to a very high standard and should be congratulated. Y3 Music Recitals: Earlier in the term Year 3 gave a fantastic recital to their parents and carers. All
Young Voices Concert at the 02 (1/30/2014) - On Monday 27th January a group of 86 children from Years 5 and 6 travelled to the O2 Arena for the Young Voices concert. After months of practising, the children finally got the opportunity to be part of a massed choir of 7,500 children performing a wide range of songs, from One Direction through to old English folk songs via Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Hallelujah Chorus! An afternoon rehearsal was followed by an evening concert to a packed Arena of parents and carers, who were dazzled by the singing of the choir and then reciprocated with some impressive (if a little rusty) dance moves during a hip-hop medley! The choir’s items were supplemented by performances by Stacey Solomon,
The Choir at the O2 (3/15/2013) - On Wednesday 30th January 75 children from Years 5 and 6 choir performed at the 02 in the Young Voices concert series. This was the third time Balgowan was involved and Mrs. Brook was very proud of the children. Thank you to all the staff who accompanied and made it possible for so many to be involved. This is what the children said: I had a lovely day. My favourite bit was when Connie Talbot and Randolf Matthews came on stage. Best concert in the world! The 02 was fantastic! Magic was in the air. I would definitely recommend singing in the choir. It was magical and breathtaking. The 02 experience was absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend it. It