Balgowan 010

Values, Vision, Ethos

At Balgowan, we aim to foster a life-long love of learning by ensuring that all of our children experience a values-centred curriculum resulting in a vibrant, happy and inclusive school where every child is able to thrive. We are proud of our traditions and history, while simultaneously being forward-looking and highly ambitious for every child who attends our school.

Taking a “trip” on Balgowan’s ship of values develops our children to be tolerant, resilient, to utilise their inner drive and acquire a positive mindset. This allows exciting goals to be set and children are able to visualise positive outcomes for a future that they don’t yet know. In short, preparing them to become citizens of the 21st century.

Our motto: Be kind, work hard, make friends also reinforces the ethos of our school.

Our children will:

  • Experience a broad and balanced education (academic, social, moral, spiritual & cultural) so that every pupil achieves their full potential.
  • Enjoy learning, feel confident, equally valued and will be fully inclusive participators in all areas of school life.
  • Experience success and genuine achievement, understanding the importance of striving to attain the highest possible standards of performance at all times.
  • Acquire key skills such as literacy, oracy and numeracy, applying them across the curriculum.
  • Have a love of reading for pleasure, offering them a lifetime of knowledge, stimulation and joy far beyond their years of formal education.
  • Develop lively, imaginative and enquiring minds.
  • Develop the ability to question and argue rationally and to communicate appropriately.
  • Develop personal moral values, tolerance and respect for other beliefs and cultures.
  • Develop a concern for the environment and an understanding of the changing world in which we live.
  • Develop a sense of personal responsibility, community and belonging, contributing to our community through  direct interaction and making links with local organisations.
  • Acquire physical skills, aesthetic sensitivity and an appreciation of the arts.
  • Appreciate and value their personal achievements and those of others.
  • Acquire the essential “learning to learn” skills of: self-reflection, building relationships, being resilient, being resourceful and not afraid to take risks.

Balgowan’s ethos is shared by all stakeholders and we put values at the centre of everything which we do, continuously reflecting upon what kind of people we all want to be and the kind of world we want to live in.

Core Balgowan Values (TRIP):

  • We value children having good character, offering friendship, respecting others and tolerant of all.
  • We value children displaying the characteristics of good learning such as resilience and perseverance.
  • We value children’s inner drive – curious about the wider world and aspiring to achieve their full potential.
  • We value children being happy and having a positive school experience.

We believe that the whole school and wider community are sailing together on the Balgowan ship through both calm and uncertain waters but we remain strong in the knowledge that it is the core values that keep us on a steady and even course and which help children to navigate their way through life into adulthood.
In addition to the core values, children explore the full range of values stemming from the traditional British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty & the mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.