Our aim is that all children:

  • Are enthusiastic about learning languages, valuing the acquisition of a new language as an important skill that brings people together and allows communication with new friends
  • Are curious about new languages and the countries that they come from, exploring countries and their cultures, making links between language and other areas of the curriculum, and sharing their own knowledge of home languages
  • Have a positive attitude towards language lessons and language learning, knowing that they are in a respectful environment where they are safe to ‘have a go’ and make mistakes, and knowing that these are crucial steps of early language acquisition
  • Begin to learn French phonics and use knowledge of phonics to discuss and make educated guesses about the pronunciations and meanings of new words
  • Are able to use French in a meaningful way, answering questions and conversing with both teachers and children during language lessons and throughout the school week
  • Make progress in the four key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Are able to make links between language learning and other areas of the curriculum, be that spotting cognates, identifying similarities and differences between grammar rules, understanding how historical events in England and France fit into the same timeline or learning about festivals and religions of French speaking countries


At Balgowan, children in Key Stage 2 learn French in a fun and engaging way. Children take part in a variety of games and activities that introduce them to new vocabulary and encourage them to make links between new and existing knowledge. Children learn grammar rules and make meaningful use of vocabulary they have learned by asking and answering questions, leading up to short conversations between pupils in Years 5 and 6. Children are also taught about French-speaking countries around the world and important historical and cultural dates in France, ensuring that they have an appreciation of where the language has originated and developed and how they can use their new language skills in real world settings and situations.

The curriculum is based on a combination of Language Angels resources and teachers’ own planning, therefore ensuring that all children have access to correct pronunciations by a native French speaker and that lessons are planned by teachers that personally know each individual child, their previous experiences and their unique skills. Lessons are also supported by a variety of resources including French songs and stories, and teachers are able to revisit French learning throughout the week, giving children further opportunities to consolidate learning and allowing children to make links between French and other areas of the curriculum.

In Year 6, children also have the opportunity to become a Language Leader and teach a home language to Year 2 pupils, giving them the opportunity to put the language learning skills they have learned during their time at Balgowan into practice in a teaching role. This gives older pupils the opportunity to show pride in their language and culture, and sparks curiosity and a love of languages in younger pupils, fostering a positive attitude towards language learning from an early age.