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Inclusion is the heart of Balgowan. Our school community harness responsibility toward the wellbeing of one another. We take a proactive interest in ensuring that all our children, families and staff develop lifelong friends, a love of learning and the courage to take on any challenge.

Our most valuable teachers, be them adult, young person or child, are those individuals who represent diversity, uniqueness and endeavour in the face of adversity. We therefore embrace and invest in enabling access and enriching opportunities for all who cross our threshold so that we may learn from and with them.

Our Family Worker, Claire Larkman and SENDco Lead, Natalie Graves are dedicated to promoting and innovating inclusive engagement throughout the school. They are ably assisted by all others, from admin, to midday supervisors and teaching staff. You can and must approach whoever you feel most comfortable with and they will be sure to find any answers to your questions.

While inclusion is embedded in all we do, specific information about SEND, Accessibility and Equality can be found in the following policies and documents.